About us

Eagles International for Defense Systems (EIFDS) specialized in manufacturing armored vehicles for civilian and military applications (Hard Skin & Soft Skin) Armored Vehicles. Our range of vehicles include luxury armored SUV’s, armored sedans, armored buses, Armored Personnel Carriers and Cash-in-Transit vehicles, and armored Security Guard Cabins are designed to procure protection and Armored Glass and comfort where guards presence is required in high threat areas. Tailor made to your needs with 24/7 assistance, flexibility, competitive rates and quick and efficient delivery. EIFDS has helped saving countless lives around the globe by offering the ultimate vehicles protection As a progressive customer-centric company, EIFDS is dedicated to both protection and quality. We continually strive to improve not only our processes and protection levels, but also our clients experience in dealing with our organization. We are constantly pushing the boundaries in material research and development to ensure we keep at forefront in the armored vehicle global market.

Company History 

Eagles, we as a team, had gone through a wonderful journey ever since the brand's genesis.

Eagles’s journey started when it debuted the brand Eagles GLOBAL in 2011 after which it was renamed to Eagles International Automobile Outfitting L.L.C

After a year of successful operations. our staff had many years of experience under their belt, which propelled us forward on our journey from then. 

Since then, Eagles had been on a positive stride towards being the market leader in the industry. Thanks to commitment of the workforce and supreme quality of the products that we delivered, we have mustered great feedbacks from the customers from around the world that we catered.


At Eagles International For Defense System (EIFDS) our vision is to keep in the vanguard of armored solutions, setting new benchmarks for excellence and innovation. relentlessly pushing the boundaries of technology, design, and security. Envisioning a future where safety is paramount, we aim to keep being the go-to provider for cutting-edge armored vehicles that adapt to emerging threats seamlessly. Our vision encompasses a world where our vehicles not only protect lives but also inspire confidence and peace of mind. With a commitment to continuous improvement and forward-thinking, we are shaping the future of armored mobility.


At Eagles International For Defense System (EIFDS) our mission is to be the forefront provider of advanced armored solutions. We are committed to engineering vehicles that set the standard for protection, innovation, and reliability. Our focus is on empowering security forces, law enforcement, and private individuals with state-of-the-art armored vehicles designed to meet the highest standards of safety and performance. Through unwavering dedication to quality and integrity we strive to redefine the possibilities of armored mobility.