Eagles International for Defense Systems (EIFDS) specialized in manufacturing armored vehicles for civilian and military applications (Hard Skin & Soft Skin) Armored Vehicles. Our range of vehicles include luxury armored SUV’s, armored sedans, armored buses, Armored Personnel Carriers and Cash-in-Transit vehicles, and armored Security Guard Cabins are designed to procure protection and Armored Glass and comfort where guards presence is required in high threat areas. Tailor made to your needs with 24/7 assistance, flexibility, competitive rates and quick and efficient delivery. EIFDS has helped saving countless lives around the globe by offering the ultimate vehicles protection As a progressive customer-centric company, EIFDS is dedicated to both protection and quality. We continually strive to improve not only our processes and protection levels, but also our clients experience in dealing with our organization. We are constantly pushing the boundaries in material research and development to ensure we keep at forefront in the armored vehicle global market.

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